What does it mean for you to be on cloud nine?

Being on cloud nine is an aspiration rarely to be reached. And yet, how is being on cloud nine? Being with your dear ones? Feeling safe? Seeing that your efforts weren’t in vain? Opening your eyes in the morning, realizing that you are up and the dream is not over?

Cloud 9 is a place like that because we didn’t only invest money. We invested passion, dreams, and emotions which are easy to see, subtle, in every detail, in the unique design, in the warmth of this space that you can call it from now on, home.

The premium quality materials, the extraordinary attention to details and finishes, great natural lighting due to large glazed spaces, the generous spaces, smart partitioning, the guarantee of a safe building, all will make you feel proud of your home.

Cloud9 is the solution for dynamic people, who, besides the comfort and silence of a well-thought-out house, also want a strategic positioning that can satisfy the demands of a constantly changing life.


You want a house to look good, as good as it did when you moved. So do we. The quality of construction begins from the first brick and it’s sustained by an entire list of finishes. The next step, just as important, is the attention that we give to the execution of the details. In Cloud9 you will find top finishes and materials offered by the best manufacturers.


From the first moment that you’ll enter your home, you will feel spoiled. Maybe even unbeatable, but we all know that you fully deserve it. You deserve to enjoy maximum comfort, sustained by the premium finishes and high-quality materials, the ones that will considerably reduce the maintenance costs.

Natural lighting

Prepare yourself to take thousands of photographs with spectacular sunrises and sunsets!

The windows extend all the way down to the floor for a unique view and the glass wall that delimits the living room opens up the entire space of the apartment.


We thought of your apartment as your success indicator. Your social role will be recognized, once you will reveal your new address, an address of success. In Cloud9 we built premium apartments to correspond to the highest expectations, especially from the optimizations of the partitionings and the large glazed spaces.

Safety and security

You are home, so you can forget about your worries. You and your family’s safety is important and a priority for us, that’s why Cloud9 is a closed-circuit complex.

The idea of a closed circuit complex and the secured entrance doors to the apartments will give you the same safety as you would have your private security and protection service.

Architecture and interior design

Your apartment is your business card. This aspect was also taken into account by our team of specialists, who thought of and designed the spaces concerning your expectations and the newest trends in the field.