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We are a brave team of real estate developers, united by the same goal: to improve people’s standard of living, giving them houses made to widthstand a lifetime.

For almost 30 years, Akcent Development builds, promotes, and sells apartments for inspired people, imposing the same rigorous filter of quality. We succeeded to stand out in a very competitive market due to our seriosity, special attention to details, the superior quality of the finished product, as well as the products offered by our partners, well known nationally and internationally.

We gained our reputation over time, through our clients’ satisfaction. Our spaces are solid constructions, very spacious and bright, with an elegant and modern esthetic and finishes, with a high grade of comfort and an extended list of facilities that upgrade the quality of life, as we want to be.

Cloud 9 is an
Akcent Development project.

We are continuing a series of successful projects developed in Bucharest, all sold in full.


21th Residence

20th Residence

19th Residence